Reflections and Projections 1.0.1: We're almost there, sorry for the delay!

Well, we're getting ready to release 1.0.1 - the bugfix. Derek and I have had a lot of work on our plates recently, and haven't been able to devote the amount of time to that we'd like to. However, after we both managed to clear up some time on our plates, we've fixed all the bugs on our list.

We'd like to include some themes and as many translations as possible in this release, so if you're keen on seeing your work in a release, now's the time to get busy! We already have a completed Spanish language file, and some themes, but we'd like more languages, and a wider variety of themes.

Thanks for your patience so far!

Who has cool themes?

Hi All.

With V1.0.1 release coming up soon, Raoul and I were thinking of possibly bundling a few additional themes with the distribution.  I'm sure there are many of you out there who have designed some pretty awesome themes. Well, how about sharing them with everyone?

The only limitation, will be that they have to use free fonts and free images. Please submit your fonts with your exported theme files if necessary to either derekscotney[at] or raoulsnyman[at]

We look forward to seeing what you have put together.


Derek. 2.x Developer Meeting #2

We're arranging another developer meeting in the IRC channel to discuss version 2.x. We've tentatively arranged it for Monday 19th May at 20:00 GMT. Since I know that time zones have changed recently in some countries, if an alternate time would suit you, please let us know on the openlp-devel mailing list or in a private message to me on the site.

On a side note, we're fixing up the last few bugs in 1.0.1 and are hoping to release it soon. I know I've said that a few times already, but both Derek and myself have been really busy and tied up with work recently, and haven't had much of a chance to work on As you know, we do this all in our spare time, thanks to our very patient wives and families.

Please keep Derek in your prayers, things at his workplace are not that great, resulting in him sometimes still being at work at 9pm in the evening. I'm really impressed that he manages to get time to work on, and I'm really amazed at his level of dedication.

Happy birthday Derek!

It's Derek's birthday today folks, so why don't you drop him an e-mail and congratulate him?

His e-mail address is derekscotney[at]

BugFix release coming soon...

Hi folks,

When we released 1.0, we hinted at a bugfix release soon after, to clear up any bugs that were still in that release, and true to our word, we've been working on 1.0.1. We got our testing team to mercilessly attempt to break in a bid to find as many bugs as possible. And we got them...

After a few rounds of test -> fix -> test -> fix, I think we're almost done, and I'm hoping to release 1.0.1 in about 2 weeks time.

After 1.0.1 we're going full steam ahead on version 1.1, the development version of 1.2. As we go along, we'll have a few releases (1.1.0, 1.1.1, 1.1.2, etc) so that those who want to run a bleeding edge version of can. For the rest of you who prefer stability and reliability, we would suggest you stick with 1.0.1 until 1.2 itself comes out.

We've also had offers from another 2 folks to help us out with 1.1, and so we're looking forward to a slightly faster development pace, although we can't make any promises.

That's all from us for the moment. In the mean time, click on the button at the bottom of the left hand column of the site, and let the world know that you use by signing up and "stacking"!

Calling all Windows ME users

Hi All.

Due to the fact that neither Raoul or myself have Windows ME installed, we are looking to all you eager volunteers who do have Windows ME to give us a hand.  We have a reported bug where V1.0 doesn't install the packaged themes properly on Windows ME, and then on exiting throws some nasty errors.

If some of you kind people could verify whether this occurs on your Windows ME installation we would really appreciate the input. Whether you experience the bug or not, please include some info about your system in the mail to us, such as version of MsOffice installed or any other possibly relevent info.

Mail can be sent to either Raoul (raoul[at] or myself (derek[at]

Thanks in advance,

 Derek. to the Rescue!

This morning I was not on sound/data projector duty at church, so my wife and I decided to take it easy and arrive just before the service (instead of an hour or half an hour beforehand, as usual). However, unbeknownst to me, but beknownst to my pastor, the people on duty didn't rock up. So on our way to church, my wife gets a phone call from said pastor.

"There's no sound coming out of the speakers... how do we fix  that?"

So I had to trouble-shoot remotely via my wife. Of course this never really works (at least not in my experience) and so I had to hurry to church (while keeping to the speed limits along the way of course), instead of taking a leisurely drive. Somehow I knew that if there was a problem with the sound system, then chances were that there would be a problem with the data projector as well.

We got there 10 minutes before the service was due to begin, and I saw that not only was the person on sound duty not there, but the data projector was unattended as well. Thankfully, a friend who operates the sound from time to time had stepped in and was helping out there, so I quickly hopped in at the computer, opened, and started setting up the service.

Unfortunately the service started before I had selected all the Bible readings for the sermon (our pastors like having the verses up on the screen while they're preaching), but I wasn't worried about that. Whenever I got a chance, I'd just add the next verse selection. No problem with's everything-in-one interface.

The part which took the longest was not setting up the service, but rather finding the correct verses. Our pastor that was preaching this morning has a habit of saying he's reading one verse, when he's actually reading 3 verses on, or in a different chapter altogether!

This reminds me of another service, where the preacher had not given me a list of all the verses in his sermon, and I was pulling verses on the fly. Wow. I would not have been able to do that with another projection application.'s interface makes it easy to show adhoc things on the fly.

Have you got a story to tell? Why don't you comment on this post and tell me your story.

Developer Meeting in IRC on Monday

Hi folks,

We've decided to hold a developers meeting on Monday at 20:00 GMT in the IRC channel. If you are interested in helping out with the development of version 2.x, then please feel free to come and see what we're chatting about.

If you're not a programmer, then please don't worry about this. We're just going to be chatting about our plans for how to develop 2.0.

Our IRC channel can be found on the Freenode network, and the channel itself is

Commercial Presentation Applications

So, we've been developing for a few years now, but to be honest, I've never looked at the commercial offerings. I know about them, and I know that most people seem to hear of them first, but I've never actually installed them and tried them out.

So last night I installed 4 applications:

  • EasyWorship
  • SongShow Plus
  • SongPro
  • Sunday Plus

I basically just installed everything, and then opened each program and tried to figure out how to use it without looking in a manual.


Apart from SongShow Plus, the applications installed in apretty straight forward manner. SongShow Plus, however, was a nightmare. It has a whole bunch of "components" which you can choose to install, only each and every component is an installer in and of itself. This means, that with a default install (pre-selected components), you install 26 components, and you have to click buttons on each installer a minimum of 3 times... that's a minimum of 78 clicks! It took about 15 minutes to install SongShow Plus, thanks to all their installers. I was not impressed with SongShow Plus after that.

First Impressions EasyWorship

If you wanted to say that copied someone's interface, it would be EasyWorship's. Of all the applications, EasyWorship's interface is the most like's. For me it was simple and easy to see what to do and how to do it. EasyWorship is also written in Delphi, like, but it uses the archaic Borland Database Engine.

SongShow Plus

SongShow Plus has a very flashy interface, with a silver look and little effects here and there. However, as my wife pointed out, all the icons look the same. It's interface is somewhat similar to and EasyWorship, but not quite as intuitive.


Eyesore. That was my first impression of SongPro. It doesn't look good. The backgrounds of the text boxes are turquoise or yelow, and I couldn't initially figure out how to put together an order of service. The buttons are all too big, there's too much whitespace around certain elements, and it really looks like it was hastily put together with no regard for how it looks.

Sunday Plus

Bizarre, just plain bizarre. When you open Sunday Plus, it shows you  a small window in the middle of your screen that looks more like a calculator than anything else. From there I was absolutely baffled as to what to do. How do you set up an order of service? How do you add/edit/delete songs? I couldn't figure out how to use Sunday Plus after 5 minutes, so I just decided to leave it.

Some Thoughts

Features are not king. If you application doesn't look good, and isn't easy enough to figure out how to use, then people will not be impressed with it. From what I've read in forums on the Internet, a lot of people like EasyWorship because of it's smart, not too simple but not too complicated, and easy to use interface.

I think it's important to have a decent set of features, but it's more important that your interface looks good (but not flashy) and that your program is easy to use, without having to read the manual.


If you think I'm right or wrong or missing something or overlooking something, please leave a comment.

Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow, the 17th of February is a very special day. It's's 4th birthday!

We've come a long way in four years, and even managed to get a major release. We're excited for the future of, as you can see by our roadmap.

Join us in celebrating's birthday by making sure people at Church know what is.