1.0.2 has been released!

Hi folks,

After a long time, bugfix 1.0.2 has been released. This includes a number of minor bug fixes, as well as some performance enhancements for presentations and slide changes. Please note that due to the performance enhancements to the presentations, you will need to re-import and presentations you have previously imported and use on a regular basis.

You can download 1.0.2 from the download page, as usual.

I've got a list of all the changes below:

  • Speeded up slide changes

  • Fixed error on deleting a song from the Order of Service

  • Fixed error on deleting the last slide in a song

  • Various "List index out of bounds (1)" errors fixed

  • Fixed importing of copyright information from exported songs

  • Get to remember the last "Save As" location

  • Fixed unexpected font size change due to resizing of live and preview panes

  • Removed "Enabled Timed Slide" button for images

  • Fixed theme fallback for completely unset themes

  • Sped up loading of presentations

  • Fixed a bug in the theme import process

  • Fixed the theme preview in the wizard to correspond with reality

  • Bibles in drop down list are now listed alphabetically (case-insensitive)

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect credit lines for Bibles straight from the Bible manager

  • Hopefully fixed install file permissions

  • Added German and Brazillian Portuguese translations.


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