Openlp version 2 - Bible Plugin.

The developement of the Bible plugin is nearing completion and we have mananaged to add some new features, as well as port the current functionality.

Bible Imports

Two new import methods have been added.

  • Ability to import bibles from Sword bible reader. This functionality will create a bible from a bible downloaded by the sword software. The quality of the import is only as good as the source material but it opens up access to a wide range of bibles in many languages.

  • Ability to access bibles directly from the Internet. These bibles will be downloaded on demand and cached on the local machine so they can be used whist not connected to the internet.

Bible Presentations

It is now possible to mix verses and/or versions on the same slide. For example

  • A slide could have Matthew 1:1 and Matthew 1:3 on the same slide.

  • Also a slide could have Matthew 1:1 from the NIV and The Message on the same slide.

Hopefully this will give you an idea of some of the improvements coming up.

The image below shows search results using the new Bible Plugin.



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