Web-based Converter

With the development of openlp.org 2.0, and a new database format in 2.0, we are (obviously) going to be writing a converter to convert databases from 1.0 format to 2.0 format. A little bit of discussion around the converter in the IRC channel last night gave us a brilliant idea: make the converter web-based.

Having a web-based converter means that we have a central converter that we can control, and things can happen instantly and in one place. This means that the bugs you find will be fixed fairly quickly. It also means that we can add features easily, and you don't have to download yet another application or upgrade your existing application.

As of this moment, I haven't started working on the converter yet, but it will be my main priority over the next while, as we developers need it to migrate our own existing databases!

That's all for now, God bless!


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