Reflections and Projections

Another screenshot for Mac OS X

I feel really sorry for our testers who use Mac OS X, because they have to go through a real mission to get OpenLP 2.0 up and running on their machines. One of our testers who uses Mac OS X was brave enough to undertake that massive task, and sent in the screenshot below to prove to us that it *is* possible. Well done Andreas!

Latest Position for Version 2

Let's start with a screen shot:


The Service Manager is nearing completion and it is now possible to save are restore orders of services.

The screen shot also shows that individual verses are visible within songs. These can be selected as the starting place for the times when the worship leader decides to start in a different place to normal. 2.0 Testing

Hello everyone,

As Raoul has already announced testing time is here. I have been asked to help organize this effort. I have a pretty good list of possible testers, but the more the merrier.  I have already emailed many of you, if I haven't yet I will be getting to that soon (its a holiday weekend in the States and I've been more out of pocket than I thought). Here is a link for some info on testing If you are interested in testing just send me PM from the site. Any help we can get will be greatly appreciated!

Version 2.0: Help Wanted

Hi folks,

Yes, it's that age-old call for help that you can hear reverberating through the hills again...

We have reached the stage in the development of version 2.0 where we need to start testing. We have a lead tester, but we need some extra folks to help with the testing.

We need folks running Windows (2K/XP/Vista/7), Linux (any distro that runs Qt4 and Python 2.5 or up), and Mac OS X (Tiger and up). You don't need any experience in software testing, you just need to be committed to installing some software libraries on your computer and spending some time running through and testing version 2.0.

If you're interested in helping out, please send a private message to either myself or Wesley (wstout) with the subject, "Help Offered: Tester", and the following information:

  • Your name

  • Your e-mail address

  • Your username

  • Your operating system (eg. "Linux: Fedora Core 10" or "Mac OS X: Leopard")

  • Your location (eg. "Atlanta GA, USA" or "Pilsen, Czech Republic")

  • Your timezone (eg. "GMT-4/-5" or "GMT+1/+2") (please note that I don't live in the States, so "Eastern Standard Time" means nothing to me)

Another version 2 update...

...with the obligatory screenshot too.

In the screenshot above, you can see how we've started working on Themes, Previews, and the Slide Controllers. I searched for Genesis 1:1 in the Bible Verse plugin, and then sent it to the preview controller.

We're currently working on the Service Manager (what used to be called the Order of Service) to make it a little more powerful that the previous one, and on getting things displayed on the second monitor. We already have some initial bits to both of those working, but neither is complete yet.

Version 1.0.3 Released

Hi folks,

Good news for those experiencing the latest two bugs, I've fixed them and I'm releasing 1.0.3.

This release fixes a problem some folks were having where would forget which monitor had been setup for the projector, and in some cases would throw a "List index out of bounds" error. It also fixes a bug where some folks would see a number of "" folders in the recycle bin.

You can get all the 1.0.3-goodness from the download page.

Version 2 Theme Manager

The new Theme Manager is now taking shape and I have been able to generate some sample layouts.

There are a number of changes being introduced in the new versions.  The most significant is that themes will need to be exported from version 1 and imported into version 2 due to internal changes in the storage mechanism.  The import will correct the structure and add defaults where appropriate.

Other changes include:

  • Real Font sizes not percentages on the screen.

  • Ability to set the font size and color for footers

  • Background rendering for circles.

Two examples are below.


Platforms, Plugins and Progress

One of the questions we get every now and then is "When is 2 going to be released?"

To be honest, we have no idea. We're working on it whenever we get a chance, and I must say that the pace that we're getting things working is actually quite amazing. Many thanks go out to Scott Guerrieri, Martin Thompson and Tim Bentley who have done most of the work so far.

But, before I go on, let me show you a few screenshots on Mac OS X:

If you look in the screenshots above, you'll get a good idea of how the plugins system works. In the main window, you can see each of the items in the media manager. Each of these items is provided by a plugin. In the settings form you can see the tabs at the top of the window. Those tabs (apart from the core tabs - General, Themes and Alerts) are also provided by the plugin system.

The Songs plugin also provides the Song Editor form, which is called up and manages the songs. You can also see the Custom Slide Editor form that the Custom Slide plugin provides.

Eventually, the plugins will even be able to respond to events within!

We still have a lot of work to do, but things are progressing nicely. If you'd like to find out how to help out with the development of version 2, have a look at the Getting Started page on our developer wiki.

Version 1.0 in Maintenance Mode

Hi folks,

For those who haven't realised it yet, version 1.0 is in maintenance mode. This means that we are no longer working on it, apart from fixing the occasional bug. This also means that we are no longer supporting anyone else trying to compile or further develop 1.0 because it has reached it's end of life.

If you're keen to add features or otherwise help with the development of, please work on version 2.0. We have a developer wiki with some articles on how to get started on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, and other important pages like coding standards and a plugin developers' guide.

You're also welcome to join us in IRC, where we have developers, users, and friends of hanging out and chatting from time to time.

OpenLP 2.0 development - Image plugin

I've been hacking on the Image plugin for a while and finally figured out enough about Qt and it's Model View architecture to get  the Media Manager to display the images as previews.  My hope is I can reuse a lot of the code to display the preview and live panes... but that's for another day :)