Imminent Arrival of Junior

No, we're not releasing OpenLP 2.0, my wife and I are expecting a baby.

From time to time in the past I have blogged things of a more personal nature, which I know some of the OpenLP community have welcomed, and I figured that most of the community would like to hear this bit of news.

My wife is booked for a caesarean section on Wednesday, 29th July. This is our first child, and we're both excited, but also daunted at the responsibility we have been given to take care of this baby. We would most certainly appreciate your prayers for the operation and for the adjustments we have to make and for the additional financial consequences of a child.

Of course, having a new born baby is unfortunately also going to impact the amount of work I can do on OpenLP, but I'm hoping that it won't be taking away too much of my time.

Thanks for your prayers and support!


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