Release Candidate 2 : "Ophthalmic Obadiah"

OpenLP 2.0 Release Candidate 2

This release arrives with a number of bug fixes and the inclusion of the remaining Song importers.

We are very proud to announce the Second  release candidate for OpenLP 2.0, codename "Ophthalmic Obadiah".

This new release, version 1.9.11, is a preview of what the final version of OpenLP will look like. This release does not contain any major new features, and mostly consists of bug fixes and minor enhancements.

There will be no more development on features in this version, all new development will happen in the next version of OpenLP.

Minor features and enhancements in OpenLP 1.9.11

  •  - New Sunday Plus , SongPro and Media Shout song importers

  •  - Print Service layout improvements

  •  - Undated translations inc new Slovak translation

  •  - Improvments in image's to the show in services

 Major bugs fixed in OpenLP 1.9.11:

  •  - Various fixes to Song importers

  •  - Bug fixes for Formatting tag dialogues


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