OpenLP 2.0 Release Parties

Cape Town

After much discussion, the developers have tentatively put the final release of OpenLP 2.0 in mid-October this year. This is a very auspicious occasion, since OpenLP 2.0 has been in development since September 2008. So after 4 long hard years of work, we can think of no better way to celebrate the release of OpenLP 2.0 than to throw a big party.

Unfortunately, being much of a global affair, it will be rather difficult to get everyone from around the world to the same place to celebrate the release of OpenLP 2.0. A better solution would be for people in various areas to host regional release parties.

There are a number of OpenLP developers living in the UK, and they are quite eager to get together for a release party. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and I'm keen to host a release party here in Cape Town too.

If you are interested in attending a release party, or hosting a release party, please post your location in an appropriate release party topic in the forums. If there isn't a release party topic, create one!

Remember that release parties do not need to involve computers at all! You can get together at a local pub or restaurant, or host a bit of a party at someone's house. The release parties don't have to happen on the day of OpenLP's release either, they can be a week or two or three later. If you have any ideas of how to celebrate OpenLP's release, feel free to post your ideas in the forums too.


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