Android Release : 0.5 has escaped

OpenLP for Android

Following hot on the heels of the 1.9.10 release the next version of the Android client has escaped.

This client version works best with 1.9.10 but will also work (with restricted functionality) with other versions.

The new features added since 0.4 are:

  • Changes to the panels to allow them to be swiped left and right instead of only being accessed via the menu. This should improve  the usability of the application.

  • Provide the ability to poll the main application for updates. This will allow two users to work together. In the settings there is a "Refresh Displays" setting which allows the refresh time to be set. The default is 5 seconds and a refresh time of 0 seconds turns this feature off.

  • Following requests from a number of users it is now possible to have Server profiles for different locations. These are accessed again via the settings panel.

  • To aid usability, the displayed verse is now highlighted on the live tab so it is obvious which slide is selected.


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