Bugs, Release Candidate 3 and the Final Release

As some folks are aware, the release date of OpenLP 1.9.12 was pushed back two weeks. This is because we currently do not have enough people testing out OpenLP and fixing bugs.

We Need Your Help

With the final release of OpenLP looming in October, we need as many people as possible testing out OpenLP and seeing how many new bugs we can find.

We Need Bugs Found (and Fixed)

We already have a list of known bugs, and would appreciate folks checking to see if they can reproduce those bugs, and filing more if bugs are encountered. Please note that missing functionality is not considered a bug.

We Need a New Website

One of the other needs we have before we release OpenLP is a new website design. If you're a rocking web designer, we want to see your mock ups of the site!

We Need a User Guide

There is the start of a user guide available, but unfortunately it has been forgotten due to time constraints. If you'd like to try you hand at completing it, or least contributing toward it, that too would really help.


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