Alpha 2 Released - OpenLP 1.9.2 "Hairy Habakkuk"

This morning we are pleased to announce the release of OpenLP 2.0 Alpha 2!

Please remember to read through the Frequently Asked Questions before using OpenLP - it answers many questions you might have about the new version. The download page will be updated later today.

This release brings a number of improvements and bug fixes since release 1 as well as a lot on new features.  Since Alpha 1 there have been two major changes which will effect those upgrading.

  • Alpha 1 Saved Service files are not compatible with the new version

  • All configuration settings will have been lost and will need to be set up agan. Themes are not effected by this.

New Features since Alpha 1

  • Web Interface to allow remote access.

  • Basic Song book imports have been developed and will be improved in later releases,  (Requires OpenOffice)

  • Many UI changes and improvements.

  • Themes now can control their line spacing.

  • UI is now translatable, thanks to the hard work from Christian Richter, Meinert Jordan and Frode Woldsund.

Download and enjoy!


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