OpenLP 2.0 Release Cycle

As some folks might have noticed, we released OpenLP 1.9.2 "Hairy Habakkak" (aka Alpha 2) about three months after we released our first alpha release. The more adventurous folk might have even noticed that on the developers' wiki, the rest of the releases are all aimed to be about 3 months apart.

While we aren't 100% set to those timelines, we have mostly decided to get a new release out every 3 months, for a few reasons:

  1. Firstly, to show people that we're actively working on version 2.0. I think a lot of folk wondered about it, since we were making a lot of noise, but no one had seen anything yet.

  2. Secondly, to widen our testing. The more folks who test OpenLP and find bugs, the less bugs there will be in the final version.

  3. Thirdly, to give ourselves a deadline. This helps us as developers to have a goal to aim for, and motivate us to accomplish certain tasks by the release date.

With this all in mind, we'll be having a developer's meeting at the end of August, to asses our progress and see if we want to make a release happen at the end of September, and what will be included in that release out of all the features we planned to develop. These developer meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend, are usually announced on the developer mailing list, and held in our IRC channel.

You can read up on our proposed releases on our developer wiki. Please note that these are NOT finalised, they simply serve as a guide for what we want to achieve.


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