350 Fans and counting!

OpenLP has hit yet another milestone, 350 Facebook Fans. While not scientific, it appears that OpenLP's popularity is ever increasing as the developers continue chugging along with version 2. There are constant improvements being made, feature request being filled, and I think the developers even find time to sleep and have a life on occasion.

As you can see OpenLP 2 is running very nicely on Ubuntu.

Please be advised that version 2.0 is still in the alpha stage. It will likely crash and do strange things without warning, so we can use all the testers that have the time to try things out. If you are interested in trying out OpenLP 2.0 check out the FAQ . It would not be advised to depend on version 2.0 for your every day needs just yet.

Please try OpenLP 2.0 out and help us make it the best release possible. Also, feel free to join us in chat anytime.


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