OpenLP is now on GitLab

One of the steps toward OpenLP 3.0 was moving to git and GitLab, and this has now been completed. After many years on Launchpad and using Bazaar, it was clear to us that unfortunately there was no future in either of those, due to them being all but abandoned by their developers.

You can now find OpenLP on GitLab:

Further News

We've also recently made great strides toward an alpha release recently. The new rendering engine is almost complete, and the VLC-based media framework is also pretty much done. There are a couple more minor things like bug fixes and general cleanup that need to be done, and then we're going to release OpenLP 3.0 Alpha 1.

Again, we don't have an exact date, but it will be pretty soon.

Helping with Development

Just a reminder, if you want to help with development (and that includes non-coders!), please take a look at the getting started page on our wiki, and making sure to join the mailing list and hang out with us in IRC.


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