Shutting Down the Support System

Due to a lack of resources within the OpenLP team we have decided to close down the e-mail support system (not to be mistaken for the forums which will not be affected).

For some time now a single person has answered almost all the support requests the support system has received. And since that person is also one of the most active developers of OpenLP, it has drawn a lot of time away from actual development. In order to free up more time for development the only solution was to close down the support system.

We are really sad to do this, as we feel our support is one of the defining parts of OpenLP, but since we need to move OpenLP forward we do not believe we have any other choice - though it was not an easy decision.

In future anyone who e-mails will get a message that redirects them to the manual and the forums.

[ Image Credit: Closed by Rob Brewer ]


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