Looking for an Icon Designer

Many years ago, when OpenLP was first released, computer screens with millions of colours were very new, and most people had what are tiny screens by today's standards. I remember getting my first 17" monitor, and it was positively HUGE - it could even show 1024 by 768 pixels (a pixel is a single dot on your screen). Wow!

In those days, most icons were 16 by 16 pixels because if they were any bigger, they'd get in the way of the rest of the user interface. And so we created static icons that were stuck at 16 by 16 pixels. Time moves on, but sadly without a designer, OpenLP was unable to move on too, and now we're stuck with tiny icons and 4K screens.

If you're a designer and you'd like to contribute to OpenLP, now's your chance! We really need a refreshed icon set, one that can scale with the monitor sizes of today. You'll need to have working knowledge of Inkscape (or be willing to learn how to use it), and the time available to design about 150 icons (or less, if we have a number of designers who work together).

You can get into contact with us via IRC, the forums or info [at] openlp.org.

[ Image Credit: Drawing opals by Mauro Cateb ]


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