3000 Fans on Facebook!

While we don't place a lot of emphasis on numbers here at OpenLP, it's always nice to see a milestone or two, just to give us an idea of how many people are using OpenLP, and how popular it is.

Just the other day, the number of fans on the OpenLP page on Facebook ticked over 3000.

Now, this doesn't compare to some of the commercial applications out there, nor does it give us a real indication of how many people are using OpenLP, but it's still helps us understand how much of an impact we're having on the body of Christ, which is what our goal is anyway.

If you are on Facebook, and you aren't a fan of our page yet, please pop along to the OpenLP page and click the Like button. And don't forget to share it among your friends. OpenLP has blessed a number of churches, and it's with your help that we can bless more!

[ Image credit: Facebook by Christopher ]


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