iOS Beta Testers Needed

We are happy to announce that our official OpenLP Remote app for iOS is almost here, after about six months of planning, design and development. We are busy with the last few steps before we finally release the first version of the iOS app, but before we do that we need your help!

If you are an iPhone user you can help us by participating in some internal testing using the TestFlight app. This will allow you to install unreleased versions of iOS apps on your phone from the App Store. Once TestFlight is installed and your e-mail address has been activated against OpenLP, you will be able to download and install the OpenLP Remote.

Once the OpenLP Remote is installed, you will be able to test it out and give us feedback on how to improve the app. Please send all feedback to our support e-mail address.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester please fill out this application form and we will add you to our list of beta testers, while we still have space. Further instructions will for the beta tester process will be available once you have completed the form.

Once we've gathered all the feedback and fixed up any bugs that have arisen, we will release the OpenLP Remote for iOS to everyone.

Thank you for the interest.

[ Image Credit: iPhone 6+ Curved Glass by Omar Jordan Fawahl ]


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