Contributing to OpenLP Financially

Over the years people have asked us about financial contributions and donations to the project. OpenLP, like many other open source projects, is largely funded by open source project sites (, etc), donated resources, or (in some cases) the developers themselves. Until recently, this has meant that donations have mostly been unnecessary.

After some upheaval in the open source community recently, we decided to start building our own server infrastructure around the project to reduce our reliance on third parties who can exercise control over our digital assets. This means that OpenLP is now in charge of funding our own servers, bandwidth, build tools and other things.

Now that we are funding a lot more ourselves, we've decided to accept donations from folks. You can either give us a once-off donation, or you can donate on a regular basis (automatically), or you can buy swag (t-shirts, mugs, caps, stickers and more). Take a look at our Donate page for more information on where and how to donate.

Check out some of the stuff you can order from our online store:

[ Image Credit: Money by GotCredit ]


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