First 2.2 Series Bugfix Release: OpenLP 2.2.1

As with any piece of software, OpenLP is not bug-free. Sadly, in this particular case we didn't pick up some pretty major bugs until just after the release of 2.2.

In this release we have only fixed the most glaring bugs. These are the showstoppers that prevented people from actually using OpenLP. There will be more releases as time goes on to fix other, smaller, bugs.

Bugs fixed in this release:

  • The German, Estonian and Chinese (Taiwan) translations caused OpenLP to crash on startup

  • Error when VLC is not installed on Linux

  • OpenLP on Windows unable to detect VLC

  • ZionWorks import fails in OpenLP 2.2

You can grab this bugfix from the Downloads section on our site.


[ Image Credit: Roadside Bicycle Repair by Erik (HASH) Hersman ]


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