Announcing OpenLP 1.9.9: The Last Beta

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read that correctly. OpenLP 1.9.9 is the last of the beta series. From now on, OpenLP is in release candidate phase! Release candidate phase means that we will not be adding any more features and will be concentrating on fixing bugs.

We believe that all the functionality which was in version 1.2 has now been included in version 2.0, and for the next few months we will be focusing our efforts on fixing as many outstanding bugs as we can.

Features added:

  • Transparent themes, for background videos (theme video backgrounds not yet possible)

  • On-the-fly changing of backing tracks

  • Repeating of backing track list

  • Use VLC for displaying videos - not on Mac OS X yet, unfortunately. (Note: To be able to use this feature the VLC media player has to be installed on your computer.)

  • Search songs by song book/number

  • Configurable automatic service file names using the date

  • The reference format used to look up Bible verses has been localised, and can be changed along with the interface language

  • Configure the "next slide" action when at the end of the current item in the slide controller to either move to the first slide again, to the next slide of the next item, or nothing.

Of course we have also fixed over 46 bugs in this release!

The full list of changes can be seen on our launchpad page.


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