Wanted: Facebook Timeline photo

OpenLP v1 in use

In just over a weeks time, the OpenLP facebook page will be switched over to the new Timeline view. The new view gives us the opportunity to add a cover image to go along the top of the page, and this is where we would like your help...

Ideally we would like to use a picture of OpenLP being used, with a full worshipping congregation and both the operators screen and the projector screen in view. For example a long time ago when v1 was just being born and monitors were still the size of a small car, the photo on the right was taken. We would like to bring it up to date..

As always, there are a few restrictions. This makes it significantly harder, but we might accept an image close to the mark:

  1. We would like to see a view of a recent v2 version, with close to the default layout.

  2. Any lyrics on the screen ideally in the Public Domain, if possible. Although Scripture will be fine too. English would be preferable.

  3. A fairly full looking congregation, who don't look like they are bored ;)

  4. The trickiest bit.. the image has to be an unstretched 851x315 resolution.

  5. In focus ;) and not too dark.

  6. Note that facebook displays the OpenLP logo over part of the bottom left of the image

  7. Oh and full permission for OpenLP to use the picture, although you'll retain the copyright.

Also if you have other ideas for a type of image we could use, then please share them in the comments too.

You can post images to our facebook wall or use an image sharing site such as imgur and post the links below.

Disclaimer: We don't guarantee we'll use your photo as the cover even if it the only one created and has a 1000 likes. Therefore we don't recommend you spend 3 solid days setting up the perfect shot, and going out to buy the latest Canon or Nikon DSLR just to take this picture! Raoul has the final word.

We look forward to seeing your photos :)


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