Translating OpenLP 2.0

It's been very quiet on the translation front for a while now, but rest assured, we've been working hard behind the scenes to get OpenLP's internationlisation abilities top notch. We now have the most of the strings in OpenLP updated and included in the translation files.

Translators are welcome to start working on the translation for their language! The next planned release, Alpha 3 aka "Dashing Daniel", is just around the corner (only 9 days till release), and while that doesn't give us much time, we can at least make a start. The translations will be included in this release. Lets GO!

Important Note: There is a string openlp/core/utils/, "English". This string is meant to be your language's name, in your language. For example, in the German translation file, you would translate this string to "Deutsch".

If you'd like to join the translation team, please see the Getting Started page on the wiki.


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