500 Facebook fans!

With OpenLP version 2.0 development heading fast to another alpha release, the popularity of OpenLP seems to also be rising. Granted, using Facebook as a popularity meter may not be the best way to tell, but seems pretty good to us. One of the most notable changes that has happened recently has been major changes to the output display. With the next release you should see working text over video, text enhancements (bold text, text colors, etc) and spell checking. I really look forward to the spell checking because there is something pretty embarrassing about looking up from the stage on Sunday morning realizing that you misspelled something.

The songs plug in has also seen some improvements. Alternate song titles are now working and also the ability to link media files to songs. Personally I have also been playing around with the remote plug in. It has a lot of uses but one that I have seen is using it for nursery workers to flash something on screen when they may need a little parental help.

OpenLP from a user's standpoint has really come a long way in the last few months. I came to OpenLP from using a rather expensive “boxed” software solution and OpenLP is set to absolutely blow it out of the water for features and not to mention price. Then combine that with the relatively low system requirements versus the others, and its simply amazing what OpenLP is set to accomplish.

We can always use testers, especially as OpenLP nears completion. Please check out the download section of the site to download the latest alpha release. For more information on 2.0 check out the OpenLP 2.0 specific section of the forum and always feel free to hangout with many developers and users in chat on #openlp.org on freenode or check out the webchat option.


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