Cleaning things up...

The conflict merge went well last week, and I have a working copy of again. I've started the code cleanup, renaming various components in the code, formatting the code to follow a certain standard (rather than 3 different ones), and rearranging a few things as well in the process. The goal behind the code cleanup is to make it easier and faster to work on, and to make more efficient.

What this all translates to at the end of the day is that you as the user will find faster and more efficient, and when we need to make a change or an enhancement, it'll be faster too.

Once I've completed the code cleanup, I'm going to continue with my rewrite of the control component, which will enable us to do things like use the up and down cursor keys to change between slides.

On that note, I know a number of folks have asked me for the components so that they can make changes to (I presume it's because development is not happening fast enough for them, and they want certain features for their church). Please chat with me and consider lending a helping hand with the development. If you want feature A, I'm sure that there are a number of other churches who also want feature A, and it would be beneficial to them if you contributed that back to the project. There are also a number of things you can and can't do with the current codebase, and unless you chat with me and ask, you won't know and you'll struggle unnecessarily (for instance, using the up and down cursor key will only be possible after a rewrite of the control component).

In short, if you contribute back to, not only do you benefit, but others will too. You won't need to make changes to your version each time a new version of comes out, development will happen faster, and others will benefit from your changes as well.


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