Getting started with 1.2

This evening I merged the bugfixes from 1.0.1 into the main code. My next move will be to clean up the conflicts that arose in the merge (the version control software can't always do a perfect merge, so it lets me "resolve" some of those "conflicts"). Once I've done that, I'll be continuing with the code cleanup that is necessary to implement some of the more advanced things.

The next step, after the cleanup, will be to rewrite the control component, which will allow a large number of usability improvements (like pressing the down key to go to the next slide!). Once I've done that, I'll start migrating the songs to the new database format necessary to add more features requested (like verse ordering). These first 3 things are the biggest changes, and once they're done, we will most probably start releasing development versions of 1.1 (which will become 1.2).

I'm looking forward to a number of the improvements being introduced, and I hope you'll bear with me while they are being worked on. Thanks to all the folks who have posted feature requests, they have been noted, and will be sorted into various categories and decided upon once I've finished the code cleanup.

If you're keen to help developing this next version of, please drop me an e-mail. To those folks who have already sent me e-mails about the components, please just drop me yet another mail - my e-mail is in a bit of a state of flux at the moment, and I can't access your e-mails.

God bless!


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