Nearing 1.0 final release

Well, this weekend I released Release Candidate 3, with a few more improvements (they're not really new features, but they are improvements to existing features). So Derek and I were chatting last night about the current state of, and we are pretty sure that if there are no more bugs in RC4, we will release 1.0.

In terms of the distribution (or marketing) pack, a designer friend of mine who has been associated with since the early days has had a bit of time on his hands recently and has been having a go at designing posters and the like. I'm going to see how far he has got, and then we can start putting the pack together.

However, we still need people to assist with the documentation. This is an area that is sadly lacking, and neither Derek nor I have the time to write up the documentation. If you see yourself being able to help out, please contact us, either through the site contact form, or by e-mailing, or by e-mailing me personally at


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