RC4 and Beyond

Hi All

Well, I hope that for at least some of you RC3 brought with it some new useful features. There seemed to be quite a few people wanting a Bible Verse enhancement and that was one of the main changes in RC3 that was released this past weekend.

Coming in RC4 will be the last of the additional features we decided were "have to have's" for a full version 1. These include a migration of the theme data out of the songs database and into the theme directory in XML format. Also, the ability to both import and export themes. If we can twist Raoul's arm a bit, maybe we can add a "theme's" section to the website where you can submit your theme creations for other to download and use.

RC4 will also see the old "Alerts" feature from 0.994 coming back as well as a "custom slide" which can be used for Liturgy/Announcements/etc. We also want to add it a fixed font size option which many of you want.

We would like to get your input on one issue though. At some stage we need to do a database migration from SQLite version 2.8 that we are currently using, to version 3. This will require us putting together possibly an external tool which will need to be run to migrate the song data from the current song database into the new v3 database. What we would like to find out from you is whether we should put do this migration now, before v1, or post v1. The reason we are asking you to make the call for us, is because we plan to do a big launch for v1. This will mean that if the DB migration happens after v1, there will be many more of you doing migrations. It shouldn't be much of an issue to do the migration, but what are your feelings? Raoul will put a poll up on the website where you can give us your opinion.

Thanks, in advance.



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