beta 6 glitches

Well, we're still working on beta 6. It's almost there... I implemented the internationalization, but to my dismay it's not working. I'm going to look into it further to see if I can work out what's wrong. So hopefully, if I can figure that out soon, we can have beta 6 out by the end of this week, next week the latest.

Thanks also to a post in the forums, we think we might have solved the CCLI SongSelect login problem. We're gonna also be looking at fixing that this week. Derek has also managed to pick up another 2 bugs and has fixed one of them in the mean time.

Like I think I mentioned in my previous blog post, we're going to RC1 next release, so that's gonna call for intense testing. So get your testing gear out, and pile into beta 6 and RC1 when they are released.


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