beta 6 almost out

Howzit Folks,

Beta 6 is almost upon us. I'm just trying to find some time to finish off the last few things. Some of the bugs from beta 5 are gonna be carried over to beta 6, because we haven't been able to solve them yet. There are also a few more new features.

Our next release is RC1 - the first release candidate. We're hoping to resolve the remaining bugs, and any new ones from beta 6 from now on. Please note that this also means that there will be no more new features. We have made our feature freeze final, and any new features will be added in version 1.1, the development version of 1.2, which will be commenced once we have released 1.0 final.

I'm really excited to be bringing  out our first ever proper version of, version 1.0. Thanks for sticking with us, and bearing with us on this long road to 1.0!


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