OpenLP 3.1.0 Release Candidate 2 "Jubilant Josiah"

The OpenLP developers are pleased to announce the second release candidate of OpenLP 3.1. This release candidate contains a multitude of bug fixes, a number of enhancements, and even a new feature or two. There are also a number of changes under the hood which puts OpenLP in a good position for the future.

Wait, what happened to the first release candidate?!

We had some issues with the packaging of RC1, and we caught a couple regressions (bugs that cause a feature not to work like it previously did), and so we had to build a new release.

Rejoice in the Lord always! Again I will say, "Rejoice!" Let your gentleness be known to all men. The Lord is at hand. In nothing be anxious, but in everything, by prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:4-7


New Features

  • Implement a filelock for shared data folder.

  • Add Datasoul song importer

  • Add Footer Content as Extra First Slide


  • Add authors in powerpraise importer

  • Add the list of associated songs to the delete dialog in the song maintenance form

  • Update some system messaging to clarify severity of messages

  • Change SongSelect import procedure to import when clicking download on webpage

  • New theme adjustments: Add letter spacing to main area; add line and letter spacing to footer

  • Allow the remote interface update notification to be turned off.

  • UI: Move "Live" / "Preview" and current item onto one line

  • Migrate from FontAwesome4 to Material Design Icons v5.9.55

  • Highlighted slidecontroller buttons

  • Rework the songs settings, so that they're not as squashed.

  • Updated translation strings.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix presentations not being able to return from Display Screen

  • Fix the deadlock on macOS

  • Fix issue #1618 by ignoring the messages if the event loop is not running

  • Fix issue #1382 by waiting for the service_manager to become available, or giving up after 2m

  • Try to fix an issue with MediaInfo perhaps returning a str instead of an int

  • Fix issue #1582 by running the search in the original thread

  • Try to fix an issue that only seems to happen on macOS

  • Fix bug # 1601 by allowing loading the same presentation file multiple times from 2.4.x service file

  • Don't crash when a permission error is raised during generation of the sha256 hash

  • Fix endless loop at the end of a PowerPoint presentation

  • Fix song search by author

  • Fix issue #1297 by reducing the number by 1024 times

  • Add detection for presentation files that were uploaded from the cloud.

  • Ignore the thumbnails if the path doesn't exist (fixes #914)

  • Fix for #1495 task: wrapped C/C++ object of type QTreeWidgetItem has been deleted

  • Fixing Images not being able to be inserted on Service

  • Minor fix for EasyWorship import

  • Improve Powerpoint detection by trying to start the application instead of looking it up in the registry.

  • Skip missing thumbnails when loading a service

  • Upgrade internal VLC processing to support looping and stooping of media correctly.

Under the Hood

  • Upgraded to Python 3.11, Windows 10+

  • Upgrade images plugin to use the same shared code as media and presentations

  • Display API abstraction

  • Fix various building issues on macOS

  • Refactor database models to use declarative modeling

  • Refactor database queries to support SQLAlchemy 2.0+

  • Remove dependency on PIL/Pillow since the latest version does not support PyQt5

  • Make the media toolbar reusable

  • Bypass image db updates if the db has already been upgraded

  • Refactor last instances of TestCase-based tests

  • Update resource generation for ARM64 platforms (e.g. Apple M2)

  • Upgrade to Pyro5

  • Fix an issue where an item's parent is None

  • Fix the 415 errors due to a change in Werkzeug

  • Update CI to use the GitLab container registry

  • Display Custom Scheme

  • Implement new message websocket endpoint

  • Adding foundational support to Footer per slide


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