OpenLP 3.0.2 "Smart Simeon" Released

We're happy to announce another bug fix release in the 3.0.x series.

Known Issues

These are the issues that we know about, and are busy working on.

Bug Fixes

  • Only show hash if song book number exists

  • FIX: Missing looping for theme background videos

  • Fix Songs' Topics media manager icon to be the same from the Song Maintenance dialog

  • Add ability to return transposed item with service_item format to avoid duplicate calls on remote

  • Fix OpenLyrics whitespaces being 'eaten' (again)

  • Fixg service manager's list exception when pressing 'Left' keyboard key without any item selected

  • Force the use of SqlAlchemy 1.4 for now

  • Removing login requirement from transpose endpoint

  • Handle verse ranges in BibleServer

  • Fix up loading 2.9.x services

  • Attempt to fix #1287 by checking for both str and bytes, and decoding bytes to unicode

  • Add debugging for VLC and fix strange state.

  • Display the closing progress dialog during plugin shutdown

  • Fix an issue with the Worship Center Pro importer

  • Fix white preview display when previewing presentations

  • Fix an issue where the websockets server would try to shut down even when -w is supplied

  • Use a simpler approach when creating a tmp file when saving service files


Head on over to the downloads section of the website to download version 3.0.2 now!


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