OpenLP 3.0.1 "Fast Phinehas" Released

As we said in our previous announcement, we are moving to rolling out fixes and updates faster. So here, hot in the heels of our 3.0 release, is version 3.0.1 which contains a number of fixes for issues you may have experienced.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix theme loading of presentations

  • Fix a bug when migrating 2.4.6 presentations to 3.0

  • Fix song ordering for certain languages (On Linux this introduces a dependency on PyICU)

  • Fix an error when exporting song reporting

  • Fix the remote version test

  • Fix Print Service missing newlines on print

  • Video volume and repeat settings are now saved consistently between media.

Known Issues


Head on over to the downloads section of the website to download version 3.0.1 now!


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