New Release: OpenLP 3.0 RC1 (2.9.4) Mighty Malachi

Time for the first release candidate for 3.0 - we're getting really close now!

Basically, if no issues are detected with this release it will become the 3.0 release.

Bug fixes since beta 2

  • Dark mode fixes

  • Fix of problem showing presentations after media items

  • Fix issues when adding service items remotely

  • Default to the first screen if there is no display screen

  • Correction of previous fix for setting slide numbers in footers

  • Various code clean ups especially Alerts.

  • Fix media issues with DVD playing

  • Resolve issues with formatting Tags

  • Fix bugs from the beta 2 release

This release should be nearly ready for production, but there might be a few bugs left here and there. Make sure to report them if you find any!



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