Android 2-6 Release through Google Play Store

A new Release of the Android client is coming to a Google play store near you..

The new version builds on the Android 5 material design theme and whilst will work on a phone, a tablet is the recommended device. It has been tested on versions 4.4 through to 6.

This new version works with OpenLP 2.2 and 2.4.

The following changes have been implemented since the previous release:

  • Inital version of Search has been implemented allowing searchs against individual Plugins

  • Support SSL has been removed due to issues with Google. SSL is being removed from core OpenLP in 2.6 as changes in SSL security policies make this processing complex and it has been felt to be excessive for the needs of the OpenLP community.

  • Update translations

The new version can be found at the Google Play Store.

[ Image Credit: Autumn at Sheffield Park - by Tim Bentley ]


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