Woo! Another release! Announcing OpenLP 2.1.4

I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 3:14

I'm glad to announce another release of the upcoming OpenLP 2.2, version 2.1.4 Release Candidate 1. This release comes with 31 known bug fixes, as well as a bunch of other fixes that don't have specific bug reports.

There's also been a renewed focus on Mac OS X, with bugs like the dock icon problem fixed, and the menu bar fix in the works.

Here are the bug reports we have fixed:

  • #1419300: OpenLP freezes when double clicking an image in media manager

  • #1424297: Renaming a theme causes a crash

  • #1247661: Cannot restore OpenLP after minimising on OSX

  • #1411433: Media disappears on upgrade

  • #1413324: Going live on songs too quickly causes hang

  • #1424330: OpenLP Loops Presentations on start up

  • #1432418: delete PowerPoint presentation before removing from service

  • #1438563: Saving theme with unicode letters in the name causes traceback

  • #1441055: Webkitplayer (and video background) doesn't work on Windows and Mac

  • #1081807: Inconsistent verse ranges

  • #1194847: Clicking on a PowerPoint slide doesn't advance animations on that slide

  • #1195694: Presentations error: RPC server is unavailable

  • #1389149: Traceback when switching PPT presenter

  • #1412216: ccli traceback when the lyrics aren't present

  • #1423699: CCLI SongSelect Import - import more logs out

  • #1423913: PowerPoint steals focus when a PowerPoint presentation goes live

  • #1424555: When editing a single verse, the number is always 1

  • #1424972: Powerpoint with unicode characters makes OpenLP crash

  • #1425035: Wrong use of translation causes crash in opensong bible import

  • #1431476: Exception when playing a mpg file with webkit

  • #1431478: Size of media slider should not change

  • #1433245: Error message when start playing a video with vlc

  • #1437771: CCLISongSelect import saves multiple copies of same song

  • #1439311: Print service does not always put a blank line between verses

  • #1439671: Edit button on preview toolbar disappears when editing custom

  • #1440571: Drag and drop powerpoint file to mediamanager fails to load file

  • #1446491: OpenLP shows wrong thumbnail when new and old image has the same name

  • #1056652: Service item selection bug in Service Manager

  • #1254190: Can no longer add Bible verses

  • #1315917: [Web stage] native android web browser causes text to compress affects Android app as well

  • #1410774: OpenLP fails to start on first run

  • #1414990: Menu - language list

A number of translations have been updated and nearing full coverage.

UPDATE: All the files have been uploaded, and are available on the Download page.

[ Image Credit: Balloon release by Jennie Rainsford ]


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