OpenLP, LibreOffice 4.1 and an Ubuntu PPA


It has come to our attention recently that some folks, in order to use the goodness of LibreOffice 4.1 on Ubuntu, are using a LibreOffice PPA (personal package archive) which causes OpenLP to crash on startup. This seems to be due to a bug in the way LibreOffice is packaged in the PPA, as other Linux users on distributions such as Fedora and Arch are not encountering the problem.

Please do not install LibreOffice from the PPA, it WILL break OpenLP.

Folks, please note that *OpenLP is currently not compatible with LibreOffice 4.x on Linux* due to the fact that OpenLP uses Python 2.7 and LibreOffice uses Python 3.2 which are incompatible. The next version of OpenLP, version 2.2, will be compatible with LibreOffice 4.x but unfortunately there is no way to backport this compatibility.


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