Videos Wanted

Hello everyone! OpenLP's popularity is on the rise. We just hit 1,200 fans. That is a large accomplishment in itself for a project like OpenLP. With this rise in popularity we could use some help from the community. As you probably already know we have been hard at work on a manual and support is always available through chat, but OpenLP also has a YouTube channel. Many times a video is worth more than a thousand words when demonstrating a feature or helping out with a technical issue.

We would love for members of the OpenLP community to help out with support. We can always use help with the manual or in chat, but specifically we would love to have your videos. Maybe you would like to document a feature that once found you couldn't live without. Maybe, you are a pro at setting up OpenLP and dual monitors and would like to demonstrate. If you would like a sample of a video please check this video out.

If you have your cameras rolling email us at with your video and we will link to it on YouTube. If you do not have the video posted online and would still like to get it to us, file syncing services such as Dropbox, UbuntuOne, and Spider Oak (to name a few) all have a way to share a file with a public link. If that isn't your cup of tea you can also use a site such as to upload a file and have a public link so others can access it.

If you have been looking for a way to help the OpenLP community out this would be a great way and also should be fun in the process!


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