Shortcuts for the Live Controller (Video)

Hello folks,

Time for a new feature, time for a new blog post...

I just added special shortcut support to the Live Controller to OpenLP. This allows you to navigate through and jump between your slides in the Live Controller using only your keyboard. This works for any type of slide, e. g. songs, bible verses and images.

How does it work?

If you want to jump to verse 3 using the keyboard, press "v" and within a time frame of 350ms, press "3". (It is technically not possible to have the shortcut v + 3.) If you are concerned that 350ms is too short, consider that you normally have to press all keys at the same time when using “real” shortcuts (like "CTRL + C"), so as long as you are quick enough, you will be successful!

Available Shortcuts

Verse: V

Chorus: C

Once you have pressed the slide type, you can use the numbers from 0-9.

People using a translated version of OpenLP can change the shortcuts if they want to (the numbers are not configurable) via Settings → Configure Shortcuts...

God bless, OpenLP Team



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