Keyboard shortcuts - Blank screen

In v1 of, there is the option to enable keyboard shortcuts. However these hotkeys require you to press 3 keys at once, and as such are not very easy to use.

In v2 we've improved the situation. You can now for example use the left and right keys to go the previous/next item in the order of service, and Esc to hide the display. We also plan in the future to add shortcuts to allow the user to skip straight to a verse or chorus and the ability to customize the shortcuts.

However one shortcut we haven't yet implemented is blank screen, and we're trying to figure out what key to use as the default. The obvious is "B", but we want to reserve that in the future for "Bridge"...

I've looked at other software, and discovered that there doesn't seem to be any standard for this. V1 uses Ctrl+Alt+B, SongPro uses Z. OpenSong uses K. Mediashout uses F6. Easyworship uses Ctrl+B, Words of Worship uses ESC.

My assumtion so far is that "T" will blank to theme. I'm wondering whether to change hide the screen to be "H" instead of ESC, which would affect single screen users the most. Then we could use ESC for blank. Another option would be "E" for say empty.

So the question is, what key would you prefer or what other suggestions do you have? We'd prefer to stick to single keys rather than combinations and reserve any verse tags.


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