OpenLP Bug Reporting

OpenLP is getting closer and closer to the release of version 2.0. As we draw nearer to that date more and more of you are testing it out and that is great. Testing helps the developers fix both problems large and small before the final release. There are, however, a few things we as testers can do to help the process along.

The preferred place to report bugs is through email to: bugs at

Here are some thing that need to be included to speed the process up:

  • First please read the Frequently Asked Questions.

  • What Operating System you are using: Windows, Mac, Linux (please include the distro also) OpenLP is crossplatform so this is very important.

  • Please include what build of OpenLP you are using, such as the relases: Alpha 3, Alpha 4, etc. Or you may possibly be using a build other than a release, you can find this info from Help -> About OpenLP. An example of a build number is: 1.9.4-bzr1264 where 1264 is the build number.

  • Please also include how you got the release of OpenLP if you downloaded a release, a nightly build, from your Linux distro's package manager, or from bzr.

  • If something such as a file import fails, please attach that file.

  • If something looks wrong, missing, out of place, or something that is hard to describe, please include a screenshot. Many times a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

  • Write in detail every step involved to make the occurrence happen. Please write this in a very clear way so that someone can know nothing about the issue and follow step by step how to replicate the bug.

  • After writing the detailed explanation of how to produce the bug, follow that explanation before sending and make sure you can replicate the results.

  • Pleas also include the debug file, you can find info on how to do that in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Please also be courteous in your correspondence. Remember that all the developers are volunteers. They are donating their time and using their skills as programmers not just to make a living but also as a ministry. Since this is a part time endeavour for them please exercise patience.

All the testing is very much appreciated, we are just trying to get the info to the developers in a way that will help them do the most with their time as they fix problems, and add new features. OpenLP 2.0 is set to be a fantastic release and that is due to the efforts of a wonderful community that is developing, testing, and using OpenLP.


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