Version 1.2.3 is available

V1.2.3 is mainly a bug fix release, with 1 or 2 small enhancements.

  • A correction for a theme edit bug where the horizontal and vertical alignment sometimes went haywire

  • A correction for an error when loading a image file for a theme background which contains international characters

  • A correction was made to the "Add Song Wizard" which fixed a bug where songs were not being saved.

  • Improved handling of Bible imports to avoid importing a bible with the same name as an existing bible.

  • When displaying verses in the Live window, the slide list now auto-scrolls up to show the next slide in the same way as the lyrics slides.

  • A change made to the SongSelect web import. The mechanism for importing songs now monitors the lyrics export to file function in the webpage. The reason for the change is because the lyrics are now embedded as a PNG file and not as raw text.

I had hoped to release this for Christmas, but hey, at least it's still THIS YEAR ... only just though ;-)



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