Transitions and Verse Tagging

In the last few weeks a number of requested features have been added to the 2.x code base.

  • Transitions where a song slide will fade into the next slide automatically. This option still needs to be made configurable as it is expected some people will not wish to use it or find it distracting.

  • Verse tagging where each slide is given a tag  eg Verse, Chorus, Bridge , Intro.

  • Verses will also be given a number as there can be many of them in a song!

It will then be possible to simply change the order of the verses, if required. One advantage of this is that each slide is only stored once but can be used may times.

For example a verse list could look like:

V1 V2 C V3 C B V4 C V1

A Verse (V1) can be one or many slides, all tagged the same and treated as a block.


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