1.0.1 released!

Hello everyone!

Yes, it's finally arrived, 1.0.1: the bugfix! We're sorry it's taken so long to get here, but it's full of fixes and enhancements. Thanks to relentless testing by Jonathan Corwin and his team, we've managed to kill bugs we would have never normally found. Below is a list of the changes in 1.0.1.

NB: Please note that the code used to display songs and bible verses has changed, so that a few bugs could be squashed. Unfortunately this means that your song and Bible verse text is going to look smaller than it used to (in most cases). The font size % is now a true percentage, whereas before it was an estimation.

  • Rewrote display code to fix a number of spacing and overlapping issues.

  • Updated look of all toolbars to make button states clearer.

  • Blanking/unblanking issues resolved.

  • Various "List index out of bounds (1)" errors fixed.

  • Fixed importing of songs from Order of Service files.

  • Fixed Bible import wizard "Verses File" bug.

  • Fixed up various PowerPoint issues.

  • Fixed up various song import and export bugs.

  • Fixed up various song display bugs.

  • Added blanking functionality for images.

  • Fixed Order of Service saving issues (missing songs, double quotes, etc).

  • Fixed selected-then-deleted theme issue.

  • Added various hourglass cursors to indicate work being done.

  • Ordered various drop-downs alphabetically, ignoring case.

  • Fixed Cancel button on Custom Slide dialog.

  • First Time Wizard never ran.

  • Theme error handling updated.

  • Fixed a few song-saving issues.

  • Added spanish interface translation, thanks to Josué Zúñiga.

Many thanks to Derek for all his hard work, setting aside time to work on!


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