Getting bookstores to distribute

I've been formulating a professional e-mail to some of the Christian bookstore chains here in South Africa, and I decided to make it available to the community. This letter basically just talks about what is, what open source software is, and why we want them to distribute it.

I've created a forum topic with the letter in it, and I encourage you to look at the letter, translate it into your language, and decide amongst yourselves who should be the " representative" for your country. Just remember to keep it sounding professional.

Derek and I have been looking at how much it will cost to print labels for CDs and give those CDs away. We came to roughly 1 US dollar per CD. This isn't a lot, and you're welcome to investigate doing this yourself. I'll post CD labels and other packaging and promotional things later, so that you can print out and use these things. So if your letter is successful, you'll be able to download official labels and print them out, and give the bookstores professional looking CDs.

But don't stop there. Why not print out more labels and CDs and hand them out to folks from other Churches that you might know, so that they can also benefit from open source software?


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