Advertisement Flyer

I've busy with a few things marketing-related for lately, including creating a flyer for people to print out and hand out, or put in local Christian bookstores (with their permission, of course).

This flyer is done in Scribus, and the page size is A4. In South Africa our standard paper size is A4. I don't have any Letter size paper, so I can't test that flyer out. I've attached both a PDF and the original Scribus file to this post so that you can download it and print it out, and if you have an alternate paper size, you can edit it to fit your paper size.

If you do print it out from the PDF, make sure that it disregards the printer margins when you print it out. I've sized it on the page so that it fits well inside the physical bounds of the pieceof paper. It's 3 columns, so that you have 3 flyers per sheet of paper. Don't forget to flip the paper over and print the second page on the back!


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