Kids, don't try this at home!

I've done what any developer should NEVER do. I've released RC6 with a few bugs that we know about.

Well, I wanted to give everyone a nice little Christmas present. The latest version of, with quite a few bug fixes. There are also two new import/export functions.... one to import songs, and one to export songs. Of course you can download from the Download page. Bug reports in the usual place.

Here are some of the bugfixes we made:

  • Importing and exporting of songs database.

  • Corrected various issues in theme management, including previews and vertical align.

  • Ability to hide the display screen completely, enabling other applications to display on the second screen.

  • If you edit a song, the song remains selected, and the list doesn't scroll out of view (partially fixed).

  • Added an option to select whether or not you want to be prompted every time you load and the screen is blanked.

  • Bible formats changed and Bible CSV Importer Wizard improved.

  • Show/hide options for the media manager, order of service, and theme manager.

  • Various other song, Bible, etc. display fixes.


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