Release Candidate 5 released

Hi All. Release Candidate 5 has now been released. Due to the nature of some of the issues/problems raised in RC4, we felt that we should add an additional RC version before going to a full V1.0. This was mainly due to a lot of rewriting of code to sort out some of the 'little quirks'.

The main issues corrected were:

  • A theme import/export problem (involving the delete option)

  • In the Bible verse 'Verse' layout mode, verses are not split across slides

  • A Bible verse bug seen in imported Bibles was fixed

  • A bug in the deleting of songs was fixed

  • Auto Open Last OOS feature was fixed

  • Missing last slide character bug was fixed

For all you Vista users out there, the missing DLL (d3drm.dll) that was causing issues, will now be installed if you are running on Vista. It has also been confirmed that Powerpoint in Office 2007 is compatible with

With any luck, this will now be the last release before V1.0.

God bless, Derek.


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