Development status report

Well, as you have probably already read in one of Raoul's recent blog's, we are planning a big launch for the V1.0 release of  With that in mind, we have decided to add a few of the smaller but more useful features from the feature request list.  This comes with the price of a slightly delayed V1.0, and possibly a few more Release Candidate versions.  Our feeling though was that there really were some area's that needed enhancing prior to a major distribution release. You can look forward to the following enhancements coming in the next few release candidates:

  • Enhanced Bible Verse handing where you can display multiple verses on one slide

  • Some keyboard navigation (actually I think it's in RC2 already)

  • Enhanced slide auto-scrolling

  • Import/Export of themes

  • Storage of theme data exclusively in the 'theme' directory in XML format

There may be 1 or 2 other things, but these are the main ones as we didn't want to impact our timeline too much.

God Bless,



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