A big idea for the release of openlp.org 1.0

Hi Folks,

I was in a local Christian bookstore yesterday, and I suddenly thought, "What if, for the release of openlp.org 1.0, we make a distribution kit for people to distribute openlp.org to churches and to Christian bookstores?"

My idea is basically this: we create a professional distribution kit for people to download, burn to CD, and then hand out to churches, Christian bookstores, and other places.

The distribution kit would contain the following:

A CD ISO image containing the following:

  • A nice autostart screen that opens when the CD is inserted into the drive, with a menu to get started.

  • A full manual, including a "Getting Started" guide, in several formats.

  • The openlp.org 1.0 installation application, of course.

A professional-looking CD label for people to print and stick on the CD.

A professional-looking CD cover for CD cases containing the CD.

A big poster.

A smaller poster of sorts.

A brochure that could be handed out as well.

If you can think of anything else to add, let me know!

Of course, to do all of that we'll need a few things:

  • Graphic designer(s) to design the CD label, CD cover, posters, brochure and autostart screen.

  • Some technical writers to write the documentation.

  • LOTS of people to distribute openlp.org to their local Christian bookstores, churches, and other places.

So, if you can and would like to help out, please let me know. Use the contact page to get into contact with us.


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